The definition of ART

As I was debating about different definitions of art, with a friend, I realized everyone has a

different view of the meaning. Then after further research I found that almost all dictionaries,

the internet and other bloggers define it differently as well. There are debates about sports being art,


and what art truly is? Art is there for our opinions to create the definition for.

There are many debates on art ( but

I define art as what each individual perceives as beautiful, creative, captivating and passionate.

If someone loves sports then sports can be a form of art to them. If someone loves a person

they may feel that person is a form of art. A painting, a drawing, a photography, a dance, a sport,

a poem, a kiss, or even a smile can be art, if it wakes someone up inside and makes them come to life then

it can be defined as art. Online, art is defined as, “the expression or application of human creative skills and

imagination. Producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”





My own art work: (photography, cooking, creating, making and much more)

ImageImage ImageImageImage

I found a few pages on art if you want to see different ways it is “defined”:

Homework with a bit of business on the side…

I was working on my homework tonight and thought of sharing with y’all what I wrote:

I had to select three processes of hiring employees for a class discussion post.

“The three I have selected are applications, background investigations and medical or physical examinations.

The application process:
I have heard it said that lying on an application is considered socially acceptable, I was told to lie several times when I was having a hard time finding a job in New York, but I have never lied on an application or a piece of paper before and I wasn’t about to start now especially since I didn’t have it as bad as those who are poor and struggling to find jobs, I have a family and friends to fall back on if needed. Thankfully, I have not had that need.
Those who said they lied on applications expressed how lucky they are to not have been caught. The trick was to start with the truth and end in a lie.
For example, work history; they were honest about the first two and lied about the last one and because the companies they worked for did not follow up on the last one or believed them when they said, ‘that the last place of employment could not be contacted they were given the job.’
The problem with the new social norm and what is socially acceptable can be blamed on the Millennial generation, however as I learned from my favorite magazine (Psychology today) the Millennial aren’t such a “bad”
group of kids after all. (link to article: which I highly recommend EVERYONE to read about because if you are in competition and interested in what’s going on
in today’s job market and business environment, you need to know about this generation of individuals. The only part I disagree with is the timeline, I feel that millennial are those born starting in the 1990′s to present.

Enough about that subject,
The background investigation:
Sure the application gives you important information that can be useful and stays in an employees record for future reference, but the best way to really dig into someone’s past is a background check.
In 2010 I paid to pull up my own background check because just like a credit score and history something can be incorrect or missing so I took a look and it was almost like pulling out memories that I had long forgotten. Where I worked, my first car that I bought, where I have lived, my secret security clearance, it was all there.
The company I was applying for required you to pay for your own background check and hand them a hard copy of it. Before anyone thinks, but you can take out pages or something. We had to pay for it online, in front of them, on the company computer and print it out from their printer, handing it right to them and if you wanted a copy just hit print again or print it at home later on.
Background checks are the best way to get valid and reliable information but could cost the company money, which I feel is worth it.

Medical and Physical Examination:
Drug tests are a must, if a drug test is failed then the company didn’t fail that person, they failed themselves. To become a security guard I had to do the application, interview, background check and drug test all on the same day. It wasn’t until the company had the results in hand that the company then invested in me by providing my uniforms, benefits and position as a guard.
If someone wants a job that much or wants to keep that job, staying drug free shouldn’t be a problem.
It has been said, on the grapevine, that people have tricks and ways of passing a drug test and that is where the problem of reliability and weaknesses lie. However; it is still a good way to find out who is trustworthy and dedicated to their job.”


“Surviving Whole Foods”

Comedian Kelly MacLean declares war on the grocery giant.

By Kelly Maclean from
Also published in Reader’s Digest Magazine April 2014

woman shopping cart illustration

WHOLE FOODS IS LIKE VEGAS. You go there to feel good, but you leave broke, disoriented, and with the newfound knowledge that you have a bacterial infection.

Unlike Vegas’s, Whole Foods’s clientele are all about mindfulness and compassion … until they get to the parking lot. Then it’s war. As I pull up this morning, I see a pregnant lady on the crosswalk holding a baby and groceries. A driver swerves around her and honks. As he speeds off, I catch his bumper sticker, which says “NAMASTE.” Poor lady didn’t even hear him approaching, because he was driving a Prius. He crept up on her like a panther.

As the great sliding-glass doors part, I am immediately smacked in the face by a wall of cool, moist air that smells of strawberries and orchids. I leave behind the concrete jungle and enter a cornucopia of organic bliss, the land of hemp milk and honey. Think about heaven and then think about Whole Foods; they’re basically the same.

The first thing I see is the gluten-free section, filled with crackers and bread made from various wheat substitutes such as cardboard and sawdust. I skip this aisle because I’m not rich enough to have dietary restrictions. Ever notice that you don’t meet poor people with special diet needs? A gluten-intolerant housecleaner? A cab driver with Candida? Candida is what I call a rich-white-person problem. You know you’ve really made it in this world when you get Candida. My personal theory is that Candida is something you get from too much hot yoga. All I’m saying is, if I were a yeast, I would want to live in your yoga pants.

Next I approach the beauty aisle. There is a scary-looking machine there that you put your face inside of, and it tells you exactly how ugly you are. It calculates your wrinkles, your sunspots, the size of your pores, etc., and compares the results with those of other women your age. I think of myself as attractive, but as it turns out, I am 78 percent ugly, meaning less pretty than 78 percent of women in the world. On the popular “one to ten” hotness scale used by males the world over, that makes me a three (if you round up, which I hope you will). A glance at the extremely closeup picture it took of my face—in which I somehow have a glorious, blond porn mustache—tells me that three is about right. Especially because the left side of my face is apparently 20 percent more aged than the right. After contemplating ending it all here and now, I decide instead to buy a bottle of delicious-smelling, silky-feeling cream that may raise me from a three to a four for only $108.

I grab a handful of peanut butter pretzels on my way out of this stupid aisle. I don’t feel bad about pilfering these bites, because of the umpteen times I’ve overpaid at the salad bar and been tricked into buying $108 beauty creams. The pretzels are very fattening, but I’m already in the 70th percentile of ugly, so who cares?

Next I come to the vitamin aisle, which is a danger zone for any broke hypochondriac. Warning: Whole Foods keeps its best people in this section. The vitamin clerk talks me into buying estrogen for my mystery mustache and Women’s Acidophilus because apparently I do have Candida after all.

I move on to the next aisle and ask a nearby clerk for help. He’s wearing a visor inside, and it has one word on it in all caps. Yup: NAMASTE. I ask him where I can find whole wheat bread. He chuckles at me. “Oh, we keep the poison in aisle seven.” Based solely 
on the attitudes of people sporting namaste paraphernalia today, I’d think it was Sanskrit for “go to hell.”

I pass a table where a vendor invites me to join a group cleanse he’s leading. For $179.99, I can not-eat not-alone … not-gonna-happen. They’re doing the cleanse where you consume nothing but lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and fiber pills for ten days. What’s that one called again? Oh, yeah … anorexia. I went on a cleanse once; it was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I detoxified, I purified, I lost weight. On the other hand, I fell asleep on the highway and fantasized about eating a pigeon. I think I’ll stick with the whole eating thing.

I grab a couple of loaves of poison and head to the checkout. The fact that I’m at Whole Foods on a Sunday finally sinks in when I join the end of the line … halfway down the dog-food aisle. I suddenly realize that I’m dying to get out of this store. Maybe it’s the lonely feeling of being a carnivore in a sea of vegans or the revelation that some people’s dogs eat better than I do, but mostly I think it’s the fact that Yanni has been playing literally this entire time. Like sensory deprivation, listening to Yanni seems harmless at first, enjoyable even. But two hours in, you’ll chew your own ear off to make it stop.

A thousand minutes later, I get to the cashier. She is 95 percent beautiful. “Have you brought your reusable bags?” @#$%! No, they are at home with their two-dozen other once-used friends. She rings up my meat, alcohol, gluten, and a wrapper from the chocolate bar I ate in line, with thinly veiled alarm. She scans my ladies’ acidophilus, gives me a pitying frown, and whispers, “Ya know, if you wanna get rid of your Candida, you should stop feeding it.” She rings me up for $313. I resist the urge to unwrap and swallow whole another $6 truffle in protest. Instead, I reach for my wallet, flash her a quiet smile, and say, “Namaste.”

Kelly Maclean is a comedian, writer, and actress.

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Brick by Brick

On February 25, 2014 a much needed visit to a museum took place. The Art of the Brick display at the Discovery Museum was fantastic.

Time Square, New York looked great! Spring will, thankfully, be here soon!

Here are the photos from that day!

DSCN3741  DSCN3372  brick1 DSCN3339 IMG_2694DSCN3375DSCN3341   DSCN3379  DSCN3678 DSCN3681 DSCN3672DSCN3684 DSCN3692 DSCN3698 DSCN3701 DSCN3702 DSCN3720 DSCN3723   DSCN3349 DSCN3393 DSCN3401 DSCN3402 DSCN3404 DSCN3405 DSCN3407 DSCN3408 DSCN3410 DSCN3413 DSCN3414 DSCN3415 DSCN3416 DSCN3417 DSCN3418 DSCN3421 DSCN3423 DSCN3427DSCN3434 DSCN3429 DSCN3432  DSCN3436 DSCN3437 DSCN3438 DSCN3443 CAM04973 DSCN3377 DSCN3563 DSCN3619 DSCN3449 DSCN3455 DSCN3457 DSCN3471 DSCN3477 DSCN3479 DSCN3486 DSCN3495 DSCN3497 DSCN3498 DSCN3502 DSCN3503 DSCN3507 DSCN3508 DSCN3509 DSCN3513 DSCN3516 DSCN3522 DSCN3548 DSCN3528 DSCN3533 DSCN3535 DSCN3537 DSCN3540 DSCN3543  DSCN3555 DSCN3559 DSCN3560 DSCN3565 DSCN3566 DSCN3568  DSCN3583 DSCN3585DSCN3576 DSCN3592 DSCN3597 DSCN3602 DSCN3610 DSCN3615 DSCN3617 DSCN3619 DSCN3621 DSCN3623 DSCN3624 DSCN3625 DSCN3626 DSCN3628 DSCN3632 DSCN3635 DSCN3636 DSCN3641 DSCN3644 DSCN3650 DSCN3661 DSCN3664 DSCN3670 DSCN3701 DSCN3705 DSCN3709 DSCN3712 DSCN3733 DSCN3736 DSCN3745 IMG_2700 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2709 IMG_2775serpents


postcard1 postcard2 postcard3 postcard4 postcard5 postcard6

Photography by: Orquidia E. & Luis E. Navas

Featured Image -- 3412

Sega/Nintendo rivalry coming to theatres with Console Wars movie


Awesome Post!!

Originally posted on RocketNews24:

CW 8

You wouldn’t know it from the current state of the industry, but the biggest grudge match in video games wasn’t always PS4 versus Xbox One or Skyrim versus Dark Souls. For the bulk of console gaming’s most formative years, the bitterest rivalry was Nintendo versus Sega.

Back before Sega threw in the towel on making its own hardware, the two companies hated each other, and their fans did, too. “Nintendo makes games for little kids.” “Sega’s marketing is obnoxious and juvenile.” “The Super NES processor sucks.” “The Genesis sound chip sounds like a muffled fart.” “Mario is fat.” “Sonic only has one eyeball.”

Soon, you’ll be able to relive the epic struggle for 1990s video game supremacy with the feature film adaptation of the book “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation.”

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The Middle School Connection – November 1999 – Vol. 1 – No. 1 (Part 2)

Here is article two of two articles I wrote for the school paper. I was 14 years old and in Middle School. It’s incredible how far we come throughout the years. Look at the music that was popular in 1999!

    Image                Image

“B.M.S and MTV differ

By Orquidia Matos

“According to the results of the random music video survey taken at B.M.S., seventh and eighth grade students don’t let MTV influence their music choices. The top 20 video choices at B.M.S. are different from the top 20 choices at MTV. The results can be found below. “

Image    Image

The Middle School Connection – November 1999 – Vol. 1 No. 1

Image   Image

Here is one of two articles I wrote for the school paper. I was 14 years old and in Middle School. It’s incredible how far we come throughout the years.

B.M.S. students join anti-drug campaign

By Orquidia Matos

Belleville Middle School with ribbons and banners provided by the B.M.S Home and School Association, participated in the national anti-drug campaign. On October 25th, B.M.S. students pinned on red ribbons pledging their commitment to the anti-drug campaign. In addition, many seventh and eighth grade students dedicated themselves to this campaign by signing large banners hung on the bulletin boards across from the main office.

On October 27 both the seventh and eighth graders participated in assemblies centered on ‘The American Drug and Alcohol Survey’. My. Lynch, a local pharmacist, and Mrs. Guardino, Substance Abuse Counselor went over the survey with the students as they answered the questioned. The first sixteen questions dealt with alcohol, the next five questions were about marijuana, two asked about sniffing and huffing, and the last thirty questions focused on other drugs. These questions also asked about the relationships between friends, family and drug and alcohol. Although some of the students were not comfortable with the survey, teachers were able to help. Students needed to have some words explained and to be assured that they didn’t give their names. Once the students completed the survey, Mrs. Guardino and Mr. Lynch allowed the students to ask question. Mr. Lynch, who is involved with writing drug abuse material for teachers and students, had a lot of information on the topic. Both Mrs. Guardino and Mr. Lynch were able to answer students’ questions about things such as fumes from glue, whiteout and markers. They also let students know that it is important to let a responsible adult know about a friend’s drug or alcohol abuse. Students left the assembly thinking about what more important, losing someone’s friendship or losing a friend forever.”

When someone says…

Everyday since the day I had the ability to communicate verbally, there has always existed a person who told me I could do something.

“You can walk, come on, you can do it,” “You can play sports,” “You can play an instrument,” “You can graduate High School,” “You can be part of the few, the proud,” “You can graduate college.” And now I hear, “You are a great mother,” “You are an amazing daughter,” “You are a hard and dedicated worker,” “You are a great person.”

We all live our lives with someone telling us we can or cannot do something, sure we survive and we get through it on our own but with that voice we can do things better and with unbelievable strength. I think about my daughter and everyday I tell her how proud I am of her accomplishments in the past 7 years of her life, and when she tells me about something new she has to get through, I tell her that not only can she do it, she can do it better then anything she imagined. She is my life and who I want to inspire in the future to achieve better things then I ever have. Inspiration is passed on by those around us, and by us.

DSCN2498 Lisa

The 2014 days

Here it is January 4th, 2014 and I still don’t know what to do with myself. After a crazy and aweful 2013, all I want to do is crawl into a hole and hybernate until the winter is gone and all the yuck in my body! However life must go on and so will I. I am blessed to have the things I have and much, much more. These gifts and privilages are not to be taken for granted.

It’s hard to get out of the funk of a life changes but doing nothing will only add more stress and problems to my life… who needs that?

So forward I go and harder I work to make things happier and better for me and those around me. Have a great day! and 2014!